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My friend's
My friend's

If I forgot to put you on here, I'm entirely sorry. But I can't remember everyone.

Tiffany- Hey girl. Thanks for making this summer interesting...even when I had to work! LoL! And I know we're both looking forward to moving out and into an apartment together next summer! Yea! LoL!
Kim- Hey girl! You're a great friend...and the best liar I know!! You've been in love with Jason forever... maybe some day he'll see that!! <3, Brandi
Jessica- We've seen many good and bad times together! Thanks for always being there for me...and I know we'll always be friends... no matter what?!
Dustin- hey babe! You know I love ya. You've always been there for me. thank you for that...and for everything. love you.
Ryan- hey sweetie! You're a great friend! I've enjoyed every conversation with you... many more to come!!
Breana- You're a great friend! thanks for helping me set this thing up! Don't worry about your future.. it looks very promising to me!! love ya girl!
Kaitlyn- you're growing up to be a very pretty woman! good luck in the future sissy!
Annie- hey sissy- sorry you're all the way down here but ... there's not enough room to put everyone on the top! this arrangement has nothing to do with who i like most or anything...just putting them on here as they come to me. love you sissy!


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