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My friend's

These sayings were pulled off of many different websites and also were submitted by my friends. You're free to copy them and pass them on to your friends!! Keep the laughter going!

Smoke A Smoke
Not A Butt
Fk A Virgin
Not A Slt.

Sex Is Bad
Sex Is A Sin
Sins Are forgiven
So Stick It In.
Sex Is Good
Sex Is Fine
Doggy Style Or 69
Just For Fun Or Getting Paid
Everyone loves Getting Laid.
If Guys Had Periods.....
They Would Compare The Size Of Their Tampons.
MENtal Anxiety
MENtal Breakdowns
MENstrual Cramps
Did You Ever Notice That All Our Problems Begin With MEN?
Eat Me
Beat Me
Bite Me
Blow Me
Suck Me
F**k Me
Very Slowly
If You Kiss Me
Don't Be Sassy
Use Ur Tongue And Make It NASTY.



Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue
Im In Love
But Not With You..
When We Broke Up You Thought I Cried
But All It Was..
Was Another Guy
You Told Your Friends That I Was A Trick
I Told Mine That You Had A Weak Dick
I Said I Loved You
You Thought It Was True
But Guess What Baby
You Got Played Too.


Last night I played a blank tape at full blast. The mime next door went nuts!! LOL.





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